Travel to Maine Before The Roads Open for Summer

If you have ever wanted to travel to Maine to visit the national parks that they offer, you are in luck.  Due to the United States Government Sequestration of 2013, the national park Budgets are seeing a cut of $400,000 this year.  This has forced them to cut many services, and to open the parks later than is usual in the spring.  For this reason, cyclists and bikers are going to enjoy free riding sessions without motor vehicles to points up to Cadillac Point until May 15th.

Travel to Maine to Ride your Bike


With the government cuts, you will see less services offered during this period of time, but you as a cyclist will be able to ride in a comfort that is rare and unusual in America.  Making lemons into lemonade, an adventurous biker or mountain biker, will find a nice clean road awaits, without the foot traffic of pedestrians and cars.  The envy of the country, Acadia National Park is one of the most pristine and lovely parks in the world.  With the high slopes and the ease of access, you can welcome the break of dawn at the earliest time from anywhere in the world.  You can climb to Cadillac Mountain, and see Nova Scotia from 25 miles away.  The height of the mountain will allow you to enjoy a natural and beautiful experience, and the park will be open, but not to motor vehicles for this brief period of time.

Travel to Maine And Stay At Bar Harbor

Visitors and Tourism thrive at Bar Harbor, and they are broadcasting cyclists and bikers only until May 15, 2013.  With this rare opportunity, you will be able to meet and enjoy some of your fellow self propelled enthusiasts enmass,  with no fighting amongst vehicles and other traffic.  From this point on highway 233, you will not be allowed to travel further up to Cadillac Mountain, so there will be much space and tranquility to enjoy the many views of the area.

The ride to the point parking lot is around 30 miles from the KOA campground in Bar Harbor, but you could easily break this into a couple of days ride, as the park does have good campgrounds available.  Be sure to check with the Bar Harbor community chamber of commerce, for good insight for your quiet ride to the mountain.

Travel to Maine and Save a Town

Not only does the sequestration of the United States Government kick the community of Bar Harbor a little hiccup, but it does bring on some hardship.  Relying on the spring and summer months for tourism, the city is built to make your trip as pleasurable as they can.  With the loss of car traffic, there will be many grateful bars and restaurants waiting to serve you.  Not only do servers and owners of tourism specialty stores rely on your visit, but there are many gas stations, banks, grocery stores, and motels that will welcome your friendly face.

Travel to Maine during the April 14-May 14 period where bikes are doing the park and the town a huge favor, and you will be welcomed instead of warned.

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