Performance Fabrics for Biking in Winter

One of the most important things you can do if you hope to continue biking in winter, is to add performance fabrics to your wardrobe.  Unlike man made rayon or polyester which don’t offer warmth or a wind block, performance fleece, or nylon shelled fabrications keep you warm and dry.  Light, and durable, performance fleece and fabrications increase loft between you and the outside air, and allow you to create a true buffer between the cold air and your working body.  But, more important than the buffer, is the ability to continue your work out, by being able to sweat during your workout.  Continue your en devour of finding time to bike in winter,  and sweat without getting chilled.  Biking in winter requires advance planning and knowledge due to the elements you are exposed to.

Biking in Winter Begins with Performance Stretch

Layer your body with a nylon lightweight inner layer, which is stretchy and thin, if you hope to cycle in winter successfully.   Biking in winter is a challenge, but you can do it!  The main thing is that you layer.  Layer your first long underwear so that it is like a thermal layer, and make sure you use a layer that is reported to wick moisture from your skin.  This is the most important thing you can do, and this effect does not work with cotton, but with a performance finished fabrication, that over time, loses its effective features.  Often, the pieces are separate, and close to your body.

Then, move towards a long sleeved stretchy fabric, that offers a smooth outer face, and a brushed edge to the inside of the garment.  Often, a polyester blend with spandex or nylon is the right option to continue your biking in winter.  This fabrication is often your middle layer, when the temperature is below freezing.  When you are hovering around 40 to 50, you may just need to add a light polyester wind breaker on top of this shirt or vest.  Always wear your lightweight skivvies and then this layer, to ensure your shell is being created.

Biking in Winter Continues with Stretchy Wide Waistband Pants

Add to your performance fleece, and inner layers, a nice pair of stretchy performance wide leg pants.  The waistband should be wide too, and this layer will add to your buffer zone.  Keep your mind around whether the wind is fierce, or if you can go with just this layer.  If wind is a huge factor, another layer on top of this pant, will be necessary.  Dupont makes a nice breathable but wind resistant fabrication, that is made for just that outer wind layer.  This is a third layer, and will hamper your movement a bit, but if you strap this layer close to your ankles, and ensure that all the other layers are fitting nicely, you will be moving and biking easily.

Why Biking in Winter is Fun

The best time to cycle and road bike is in winter in my opinion.  All the newbies and the road warriors have put their bikes to bed.  Slush makes for an even better ride, as many bikers don’t venture out to the road.  The time is yours and yours alone!  Don’t miss out on the crisp air, the beauty of the season, and the serenity it brings.  Biking in winter is possible with good performance buffering fabrications, and a little bit of courage.

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