Our Mission

Biking Frontiers wants you ensure you find great support on your ride!  Whether you are a road biker, a cyclist that looks to catch the wind, or a dirt biker who loves to find hills and packed mud, you are at the right place.  The most efficient ride is when you have your gear in order, cause, you can not ride without it.  And, the most fun you can have on a bike comes from thinking about how you ride, and what you ride for.

There are three areas of biking that ensure you have a great experience!

1.  Transportation

When you want to be a green rider, or you just want to feel alive before you get to work, a bike to work lifestyle should not be affected by the weather, or any of the excuses non-riders live on.  The road needs to become less gasoline friendly, and more muscle friendly, and we all will be healthier and happier.

Learn here how to evolve into a transportation biker, and make it part of your life.

2. Exercise

Super exercise comes from being outside, and enjoying the weather, no matter what kind of weather it is.  You can not become a great biker without general exercise improvement, and continual reflection of how it is improving your body.  Each time you bike, it is important to push yourself a little more, and then turn back to home!

3. Fun

Priority of being on a bike is the fun factor, as you will not continue your biking lifestyle without a fun ride.  It is great to get out in new areas, investigate new trails, try new path elements that you have never tried before, and experience life on a bike.  Having fun will come easy, as long as you ingrain your biking to your lifestyle.