Checking out a New Bike Seat

Riding a bike often brings us to a place of comfort in our mind, but not in our body; all too often it is on the bike seat. When you are placing a great deal of force on one part of your body, especially your bike seat, you will find that you have uncomfortable moments of stress and fatigue on your rear end.  This is not the outcome that you should expect, and as any horseman or horsewoman can tell you, the process of being comfortable in your chair is very important.  Not only for your good exercise and fitness, but for your ongoing return to the bike seat in the future.

Find the Best Bike Seat for Your Ride

One way to ensure you get the best bike seat for your next ride, is to head out to your local store, and just sit on a couple of bikes.  Even better, find a great bike store that you can marry yourself to as an ongoing cyclist.  There is no better way to make sure and purchase the right bike seat other than by giving one a try.  Each cyclist has different needs, and rides differently.  Many bike riders who use a bike to get to errands and to the surrounding area around your home or office.  Some ride for tremendous exercise, and to fulfill a desire to match a goal.  Others, ride to see the landscape, find a peace, and enjoy the transit along the way.  Most of us bikers are using it to get to work.

With this in mind, we want to find the right place to put our butts!  I have tried the old grannie seat, the giant triangle pad with springs underneath, the skinny tiny bone harness seat, for the racer in me, and the gel cover on top of that skinny seat.  Eventually, for me, the pillow top schwinn seat was the winner.  It is most like the seat I was used to growing up, and being used to the substantial feel of the seat ensures more safety for me.

Match the Bike Seat to Your Gender

Working through this problem is really about your own body.  Sometimes too, you might have the wrong bike in general. Do you have a bike shop that you trust?  It is very important that you do a little research before you move forward with a change on the seat, because as I have found out, sometimes the bike itself is the wrong size.  For me, the frame was too big.  No matter how much I adjusted the seat, the handlebar frame or the pedals, I would be missing that perfect ride.  Why have a cumbersome ride, when you can enjoy the effort to its best potential?  And, make sure your frame is built for your gender, and the seat too.  With anatomy requirements met, the bike seat can be accommodated to run at its best.

Review Your Bike Seat with Your Doctor

If you have a back issue or a joint continuing problem, be sure to bring in your bike seat at your next doctor visit.  Each seat is not perfect for each person.  The difference in weight of the bike user can contribute to a new bike seat being a great value.  Or, if the user is used to one kind of seat versus another, safety will require you use that kind of bike seat to ensure you have the best option for your use.

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