Biking with your Dog

Your best friend can accompany you on your tours if they are close to home, or car.  Our canine companions love to exercise, and if you need a moment to unwind, and just feel the breeze, this is a great way to connect with your fur baby.  Safety will become the major issue, with a good set of tools, a slower bike speed, and a good wide path location.   Common sense will dictate that you choose the wooded path vs. the city streets at rush hour.  Great tools start with safety for you and your dog.

Biking with your dog in Summer Safely

Summer can be the best time to bike, but for a dog, it is the heat and humidity that can cause a less than happy experience.  Be aware, and bring water.  Use a bike that has a low profile, so that your dog can match your speed easier, especially in the summer.  Don’t forget to rest.  Try to keep the time of day early or later in the day.  Be aware of the weather, and don’t bike if there is a chance of storms or excessive heat.  For the most part, a simple 20-minute ride is all most dogs can handle, as the pavement, grass or trail can be hard on their paws.

Another great tool to try is to wet a t-shirt or a thicker shirt and let your dog cool down with ambient evaporation.  This works well for dry climates and can be a great way to cool down after a run.   Bring the water and the shirt, and wet it down on your break.  Then let the dog wear your shirt, to cool down.  Some companies offer a vest with velcro and absorbent materials to meet this exact need!


When Biking Gets too Much for your Dog

Be sure to observe your dog for signs of stress, which include heavy breathing, lowered head, attempts to lay down, and general malaise.  You can’t be too careful in keeping your dog cool when exercising.   A quick run at the start is easier for your dog, especially since distance is harder for your running dog.  A break is important if you see any signs of this happening.  Just stop, and let her rest.


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