Biking Into Spring: The Best Way to Welcome Fitness

A great way to spring into the summer season, or to revamp your fitness routine, is to find time for biking.  The cycle is the best exercise machine for the human body, and allows a range of motion that is stress free, and often less damaging to major muscle groups.  When building your next fitness regime, be sure build into this plan, biking.

Biking into Spring with Stationary Bikes you are building a fitness routine, start simple, and the best way to start on a bike is to try a stationary biking platform.  Biking can be a great way to stretch, move and evolve your fitness routine into a cardiac-vascular workout.   The routine should start with a simple time of 5 minutes per workout, each day.  This easy way to build muscle and endurance, will not discount your efforts by injury or lack of motivation.  If you are building your fitness routine into a more robust program, and you have not exercised for years, why build your routine too quickly, and then find your motivation depleted, and yourself injured?  Biking is best when you build your momentum slowly and with caution.

Stationary Bikes will improve your agility and ability to handle the stress of the road, without having to build your strength in a dangerous roadway. Biking can be very engaging, but the road is a dangerous place for most biking ventures.  Cars, trucks and municipal transit offerings are very often busy and will offer some challenges for those bikers who bike with a level of physical challenge. It will be important for you as a cyclist to build your strength, and do it preferably on the bike you will road ride.  You can do this with a indoor exercise trainer stand, and build your bike into this stand with a simple attachment.  This is a great way to convert any bike to stationary, and start biking with safety.

Seats, gloves and biking in the weather

Your biking efforts will only be hindered by a too quick jump onto your new bike, without an adjustment to the seat on your bike, and the gloves you will use.  The handlebars are a point of stress, and unlike the pedals that have increased movement to stop stress from building, your seat is the second stress point in biking.

Building strength on your stationary bike, you can see how your hands and butt will be affected by your exercise efforts.  This is key information, as some cyclists and riders find the biking efforts better suited with additional padding, or less padding.  The choice is really how your body works, and how it is best accommodated during your biking ride.  If you have any issues with your ride, more than often it is related to your seat or your grasp on the handle bars.

The third stress point is surprisingly not the bike itself, but the environment in which your ride will occur.  Often the weather will be a benefit, or a true impact on how successful your ride can become. That is another reason the stationary trainer position can be successful to continue your endurance skills.  With rain and wind, there will be days with no outdoor possibility, but, you may want that 10 minutes of freedom to keep your pace.

Biking into Heat and Summer


Continue your goals of running fast, but with caution, and do this on your stationary biking setup.  With a stationary setup, you may like it so much, that you end up finding a similar or the same bike as your outdoor runner.  This is a great way to continue into the summer your biking exercise regime, and find that stress free and safe exercise program.  No one needs a treadmill with a stationary indoor bike restrainer or exerciser.

Biking can be fun when you are fit, safe and in a position to continue that path into the future.



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