Biking or Cycling

The biker is often thought of as a speed racer, or a long distance endurance cyclist.  There are so many people who bike just to get from point A to point B, and enjoy the process.  There is no reason to completely drop adding biking into your life, because you do not think you have the stamina to become a cyclist.

That is why we will be posting about sports, extreme dirt bike sports, long-distance biking, cycling for speed, and everyday road biking.

There are great areas of each of these type of biking efforts, but mostly, they are all about fun.  The average biker may use a bike to get to school, and end up loving it for the thrill of being outside, and staying connected to nature, your urban environment, and your community.

If you are not a biker, but you want to change your life, you can really do it with road biking.  Start out small, and bike to the store.  Make sure you go to get your groceries, and buy a great basket to carry them home.  Not only will you only buy what you need, you will save money on the gym, and the car use as well.