Bike To Lose Lack of Motivation

One important step to fitness, is to keep at it, and find a way to bike along and defeat a lack of motivation.  Often, it will be the hardest part of your bike ride, or any exercise for that matter; as a lack of motivation can really create the excuses flowing.  Your willingness to even use your bike can be defeated easily, so having some prepared review of your excuses and reasons not to exercise are good for motivation.

Excuses that Create a Lack of Motivation
Ride despite your lack of motivation

Riding can be a grueling or a pleasant experience. Sometimes a cyclist will create a more than effective routine, that will impact future rides.  For instance, if you are really a 2 mile bike rider, why push yourself to 6 miles?  There is no reason, unless you want to get somewhere, and even then, all you are doing is creating a way to block your good future bike rides.  Sometimes, taking a break by bus or train, will really keep you moving.  When you are fighting a lack of motivation, keep these excuses from running a script in your mind.

  • It is too hot
  • It is too cold
  • Weather is too difficult
  • Bike is not working well
  • I don’t have the right equipment
  • My family needs my time more than I need a ride
  • Dogs need a walk; not a ride
  • It is too dangerous at this time of day

The only one that could be certainly important to follow, would be last one, and safety concerns are more important than any risky exercise.  Sometimes just waiting until the morning, and getting to bed early can make this excuse real, but invalid.  See how you can modify the train of thought, and find your way around a lack of motivation.

Reasons that Bust a Lack of Motivation

Working for yourself, and yourself alone, is the best motivator by far.  If you have a partner who is less active, certainly it is easier to follow their lead, and just remain complacent. But remember, your health and happiness is at stake.  Have some self respect, and ensure your good will towards others by creating goodness for yourself  first.

Looking at your lack of motivation excuse list, let’s bust this one open with your open and clear thinking mind.

  • It is hot, I will wear an ice pack and carry water during the ride
  • It is cold, I will triple or quadruple layer my ride clothing
  • The weather is tricky, I am going to use the mud/snow/slush bike with the fat tires
  • Bike is not working well, so lets ride to the bike shop
  • I need new equipment so lets visit the second hand store and then the bike shop
  • My family needs time, so lets all go for a ride.  My serious run can come afterwards if I need it.
  • I do need to walk the dogs, so lets go slow and use the springer america attachment!
  • It is too dangerous at this time of day;lets go early tomorrow.

One thing you can always do to beat a lack of motivation, is to run at full speed, with no excuses.  Always find a way to positively charge your routine, and find the light at the end of the tunnel.  This will ensure your ride will happen, and your lack of motivation will leave as soon as you decide it is possible.

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